“The Lectio Course” with Pete Grieg (Founder of 24/7 Prayer movement) This course will equip us to explore how to hear God through the ancient practice of Lectio Divina. Each session of the course is designed to take around an hour and features a video, discussion and practice. You will need to bring your Bible.

Daytime Session 12pm in church. Sign Up Here

If you wish, please bring a picnic and we will eat lunch together at the end. We will finish by 2pm.

Refreshments provided.

Evening Session 7:30pm in church. Sign up Here

Week one – 27th February

Introducing Lectio Divina.

Week two – 6th March

Hearing God in the Bible.

Week three – 13th March

Meditate: hearing the Holy Spirit in our thoughts.

Week four – 20th March

Pray: Responding to God in prayer and prophecy.

Week five – 27th March

Contemplate: Hearing God in the whole world.